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HX-Forge User's Guide

HX-Forge User's Guide

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HX-Forge User's Guide

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HX-Forge is a finite element software product for simulating the forging of ingots to form billets. The software features an intuitive interface to help you set up the forging process and run simulations. HX-Forge includes options to fine tune and optimize the forging sequence to get the desired final shape and microstructure. In addition, these options help extrusion engineers understand the history and microstructure of the billet that is used for creating the extruded part.

HX-Forge lets you simulate two types of open die forging processes, press forging and radial forging.

Key Benefits

Detailed prediction of how the billet changes from an initial shape to final shape for the specified sequence of forging steps.
Distribution of temperature, stress, and strain in the billet during the forging process. These variables play key role in determining microstructure of the final billet.
Microstructure calculations.