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LS-DYNA Incremental

LS-DYNA Incremental

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LS-DYNA Incremental

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HyperForm Settings for the LS-DYNA Incremental user profile include the following:


Settings Tab

See RADIOSS Incremental. The options on this tab are the same for the LS-DYNA and RADIOSS Incremental user profiles.

ProcessDefault Tab

The settings for the LS-DYNA user profile include the following in addition to the options for RADIOSS Incremental.

ProcessDefault Option



This option is the same as Animation count. Refer to RADIOSS Incremental.


Specifies the option as Implict or Explicit. Default: Implicit.


Specifies the element formulation for blank shell elements. Values are 2 and 16. Default value: 2.


Specifies the maximum velocity for stopper. Default value: 0.


Specifies the velocity factor for stopper. Default value: 1.2


Sets the memory in MB for the LS-DYNA incremental solver. Default: 0


Specifies the arguments that are required during the LSDYNA solver run.