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Key New Features

Key New Features

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Key New Features

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Major enhancements in the latest HX solver include:        

Metal Extrusion

oUser Defined Functions in FORTRAN/C for:

Material model
Grain size
Yield strength
Up to five nodal results
Up to five elemental results

oViscoplastic Friction Model

oImprovements to bearing profile friction computations to improve the accuracy of stick/slip behavior

oNew Results
Grain size
Yield strength
Weld strength
Nose Cone Prediction in steady state analysis
Polymer Extrusion


oCriminale-Ericksen-Filbey viscoelastic model


Major enhancements in the user interface include:

Metal Extrusion

oSupport for layered CAD in the Extrusion Wizard

oAutomatic mesh size estimation in the Extrusion Wizard
oImprove Mesh utility in Extrusion Wizard

oPress database

oCreate bearing lines from bearing curve

oMaterial constitutive data for SineHypInv material model from flow stress tables (as function of strain rate and temperature)
oHensel Spittel material model added under constitutive model

oProject Browser for Extrusion Wizard
oTube Extrusion Wizard
oTool Deflection Analysis
oUser Interface for editing Bearing optimization data
oUser Interface for editing Billet data
oUser Interface for creating Billet
oUser Interface for Quick Solid Edit
oRedesigned Create/Edit BCs panel
oBearing profile gap thickness computation
Polymer Processing


oPlate Meshing Wizard
oCoextrusion Wizard
oTire Extrusion Wizard
oRunner Balancing Wizard
oMaterial constitutive model from viscosity tables (as function of strain rate and temperature)
oMelt Flow Analysis Wizard
oProject Browser for Plate Meshing Wizard, Coextrusion Wizard, Runner Balancing Wizard and Melt Flow Analysis Wizard
oCapability to start from an existing mesh in Plate Meshing Wizard, Coextrusion Wizard, and Melt Flow Analysis Wizard.
oImprove Mesh utility for Plate Meshing, Co-extrusion and MeltFlow Wizards



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