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Hensel Spittel Model

Hensel Spittel Model

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Hensel Spittel Model

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Temperature, strain, and strain rate dependent Hensel Spittel model used in HyperXtrude is given by the following expression. It has a built-in temperature dependence in the equation and it is used all the time.



Workpiece Aluminium {

ConstitutiveModel = "HenselSpittel"

     Density = ρ

SpecificHeat = Cp(T)

Conductivity = K(T)

CoeffOfThermalExpansion = βT

VolumetricHeatSource = Qvol

ReferenceTemperature = T

LiquidusTemperature = Tl

SolidusTemperature = Ts

Coefficient_A = A

Coefficient_m1 = m1

Coefficient_m2 = m2

Coefficient_m3 = m3

Coefficient_m4 = m4

Coefficient_m5 = m5

Coefficient_m7 = m7

Coefficient_m8 = m8

Coefficient_m9 = m9

MinStrainLimit = 0.5

MaxStrainLimit = 5.0}