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Line Mapping

Line Mapping

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Line Mapping

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User Profiles:

RADIOSS Incremental

LS-DYNA Incremental

The Line Mapping panel allows you to either track a line between the stamped part and the initial undeformed blank to minimize material wastage (part to blank), or map trim lines between the intermediate stages of stamping such as between the final flanged stage and the prior drawn stage (part to part).

You can also use mapped lines created in this panel to perform a 3D trimming operation with LS-DYNA. To do this, load a dynain file and the final part geometry, mesh the part geometry, and perform a 1Step simulation with both the dynain and final geometry. Using the line mapping function, you can project the trim line from the final part geometry onto the dynain from a previous forming stage.


How do I…

expand-green-10Use part to blank
1.Click on the part to select a line or node list.
2.Click on initial to display the original points with respect to the undeformed blank.

HyperForm connects the points and draws a line.

Note:This line is stored in the HyperForm model file and can be turned on and off using Display or exported as IGES data.


expand-green-10Use part to part

The purpose of the part to part line mapping is to allow you to map a line (or node list) between a final part and an intermediate part.  This can be useful for predicting where a part should be trimmed prior to a flanging operation. For example, if you have a part that is made using three operations (1st draw, trim and 2nd draw), and you want to predict where the flange line should be trimmed prior to the 2nd draw, you can use the line mapping (part to part). To do this, you will need to model the part shape at the end of the 1st draw (intermediate shape) and at the end of the 2nd draw (final shape). Both of these parts should be modeled in the same HyperForm file. After performing the analysis and loading the results file, the line mapping function can be used. The flange line should be defined on the final shape and trim part elements should belong to the intermediate part.

Note:Before performing part to part line mapping, ensure that the normals of the elements of both parts point in the same direction.
1.Pick the nodes or line you want as your flange line.
2.Pick the elements on the trim part.
3.Click map.


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