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The Blankholder panel allows you to specify blankholder parameters.  From the Setup menu, select Blankholder to display this panel.


Before you specify blankholder parameters, you must organize the elements to be defined as the blankholder.  You can define the blankholder force in two ways: tonnage force or pressure level (high, medium and low).

Note:The pressure level is proportional to the area of blank under the blankholder as well as thickness.  A pressure level of 2MPa, 5MPa and 10MPa for a 1mm blank has been chosen as a reference for Low, Medium, and High (based on practical experience).  The tonnage (metric ton unit) is equivalent to the pressure times the blankholder area normalized/scaled by the thickness (1 metric ton = 9810N).


How do I...

expand-green-10Specify a Blankholder
1.Select the on element subpanel.
2.Click blankholder: and select a blankholder name.
3.Click elems and use the extended entity selection menu to specify the elements.
4.Click create.
5.Click friction = and enter the friction value.
6.Select the method of applying Blankholder force.

-        For tonnage, enter the value

-        For pressure level, select High, Medium or Low.

7.Click update.


expand-green-10Apply blankholder force along the edge of the part
1.Select the on edge subpanel.
2.Type a name in the blankholder field.
3.Click on two nodes along the edge of the part.
4.Toggle the search direction to whole edge, clockwise or counter-clockwise.
5.Type a value for the blankholder force (N/mm) or choose high, medium, or low.
6.Click create.

The edge blankholder segment between the two selected nodes is displayed with a colored line.

The applied qualitative force is based on a locking (necking) force , first computed in the background, then 80 percent, 50 percent, and 20 percent of that value is used for high, medium, and low conditions respectively.

7.To apply a force on a different edge of the part, repeat steps 1 through 7.  
Note:You should be able to update the location and force value or level for any existing edge blankholder segment.


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