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Prep Geom

Prep Geom

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Prep Geom

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User Profiles:


Die Module

The Prep Geom panel can be accessed from the main page of the Die Module user profile.


Allows you to easily fill in gaps, holes, or slivers in a model with surfaces to form a continuous part.  It creates a smooth surface patch through a set of connected lines while maintaining tangency with the adjacent surfaces.

remove dent

Allows you to remove local dents between any two given points of a line by creating a straight connection between the chosen points.  It also creates a local surface patch using the lines between those two points.

rolling cylinder

Allows you to remove dents on a part trim line based on the radius of an imaginary cylinder rolling along a line.  The original trim line is offset in order to pass through the points of contact between the rolling cylinder and the dent.  Smooth surface patches tangent to the part are created between the original and offset trim lines.


How do I…

expand-green-10Remove a dent on a line using a straight segment
1.Select the remove dent subpanel.
2.Select the line.
3.For N1 and N2, select the points at the two ends of the dent.
4.Set the toggle to straight or smooth.
Note:This choice depends on the kind of transition desired between the line joining N1 and N2 and the adjacent lines.
5.Click fillup.
6.If you do not like the results, click reject.


expand-green-10Remove dents on a line using a rolling cylinder
1.Select the rolling cylinder subpanel.
2.Select the part trim line.
3.Select the radius of the cylinder.
4.Click fillup.

All of the dents, for which the rolling cylinder contact points are at the entry and exit of the dent, will show a modification of the original trim line.  It will be offset to the cylinder boundary.  Smooth surface patches tangent to the part are created between the original and offset trim lines.  If all of the contact points are inside of the dent, no change will be evident.  The radius of the cylinder can be adjusted to remove or ignore dents of different sizes.



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