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Skin panel

Skin panel

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Skin panel

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User Profiles:


Die Module

Use the Skin panel to create a skin surface and/or mesh from a set of lines.

Note:The Skin panel is for lines that are stacked next to each other. If lines form a closed loop, use the Spline panel.





Subpanels and Inputs

There are no subpanels on the Skin panel. All inputs and command buttons are located on the main panel.


Panel Inputs



line list

Use this selector to pick the lines that you wish to create a skin surface between.  The lines do not need to be contiguous, but should not be collinear.

mesh options switch

mesh, keep surf: creates a surface from the selected entities and then generates a mesh on the created surface.  The created surface is retained along with the mesh.
mesh, dele surf: creates a surface from the selected entities and then generates a mesh on the created surface.  The created surface is then deleted and only the corresponding mesh is retained.
mesh w/o surf: This option creates a mesh between the selected entities using linear interpolation without creating a surface.
surface only: creates a surface from selected entities, but does not create a mesh.  You can use the resulting surface to perform any desired geometry cleanup functions or automeshing.

auto reverse / no reverse

When elements are generated, the edges used to create this mesh can be ordered in different directions.  This causes HyperMesh to create a mesh that crosses itself, resembling a bow tie.  The order of the edges is determined by the order in which the nodes were selected or the direction of the selected line(s).  To prevent "bow ties" from occurring, the default auto reverse parameter is provided to insure that elements are generated with a similar order on each side of the mesh.  Toggle auto reverse to no reverse to disable this feature.


Command Buttons

The following action buttons appear:




A surface and/or mesh is created that interpolates a set of lines in the order they are selected.  At least two lines must be selected. Select auto reverse to insure the same direction for all lines.

The lines used to create the skin surface and/or mesh are automatically smoothed before it is created.  As a result, the surface and/or mesh created has a single face.


Undo the most recent skin creation.


Exit the panel.


How do I...

Create a skin surface


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