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Color Panel

Color Panel

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Color Panel

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User Profiles:




Die Module

Use the Color panel to change the color attributes of a collector.  Color can only be specified by collector.  For example, if a collector is designated to be blue, the lines and elements belonging to that collector are also blue.

Only entities that are valid for the entity selector can be colored (but black is not a valid color for collectors).  All other entities derive their color from their parent collector.


Subpanels and Inputs

There are no subpanels on the Color panel. All inputs are located on the main panel.


Panel Inputs



entity selector

Select collectors for translation.


Click to open a pop-up color menu.  Click a color to select it.

set color

Click to change the selected collector to the selected color.

auto color

Click to automatically re-color most collectors in the model.  This applies to collectors currently using colors 9 through 16 (gray), as well as colors 1 (black) and 2 (white).  You do not have to select collectors first.


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