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GRF Data File

GRF Data File

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GRF Data File

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Input data to HyperMold-RTM solver is made of two or more files. The two main inputs are the GRF and the TCL files. Data deck could have additional TCL files for describing time dependent process parameters as TABLES or FUNCTIONS.


The GRF file contains the following data:

Nodal coordinates
Element connectivity
Material data
Boundary conditions
Boundary faces
Problem data


Each of this data is provided in the form data packet with keywords BEGIN and END. Following notation is used for the data description.

Items enclosed in [ ] are optional
-These items can be skipped altogether
-[ ] brackets are not part of the keywords
Alternative choices are presented in parentheses ( )
-One of the choices must be selected
-Choices are separated by the character |
-( ) and  | are not part of the keywords
Values typed by the user are indicated in italics
Keywords should be typed as shown



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