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To find and remove duplicate surfaces

To find and remove duplicate surfaces

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To find and remove duplicate surfaces

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1.On the Defeature panel: select the duplicates subpanel.
2.Use the switch to choose between selecting faces or selecting surfs.

In both cases HyperMesh will search for duplicate surfaces; this only affects the entity type that you will select for duplicate searching.

3.Select the faces or surfaces on which you wish to find duplicate surfaces by picking them in your model or using the extended entity selection menu.
4.Specify a cleanup tolerance in the cleanup tol = field.

This determines how much of a gap can exist between two otherwise identical surfaces before they are considered to be intentionally separate surfaces rather than duplicates.  If the gap between such surfaces is this value or less, they are assumed to be duplicates.

5.Click find.

HyperMesh automatically finds and selects all duplicate surfaces of the selected faces.  HyperMesh determines which faces are duplicates and which faces are correct based on multiple criteria.  All other things being equal, it will try to select all duplicates except for the one with the lowest surface ID.  However, if deleting such surfaces would break continuity with adjacent (non-duplicate) surfaces, it checks for a surface that maintains continuity and retains that one (regardless of its ID) while selecting the other duplicates.

6.To remove the extra surfaces, click delete.