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Features and Capabilities

Features and Capabilities

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Features and Capabilities

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Modeling Capabilities

Metal Extrusion

Direct/indirect extrusion
Hot/cold extrusion
Single or multi-cycle extrusion
Profile deformation
Modeling bearing with choke angle
Optimization of bearing design
Transverse weld length prediction
Tracking billet skin impurities
Tool deflection and tool stresses
Advanced heat transfer features such as billet taper, tool heat transfer, etc.
Grain size prediction
Yield stress prediction
User-defined (C or FORTRAN) functions

Metal Rolling

Hot rolling
Cold rolling
Tool deflection and tool stresses

Friction Stir Welding

Material flow and heat transfer analysis
Tool deflection and tool stresses

Polymer Processing

Profile extrusion
Film/sheet extrusion
Runner balancing
Polymer melt flow
Steady/unsteady flows with heat transfer
Profile deformation
Tool deflection and tool stresses


Material Constitutive Models


Sine hyperbolic inverse model
Metal Forming Power Law
Temperature Dependent Norton-Hoff model
Hensel Spittel Material model
-Glass Properties


Spriggs-truncated Power-law
Carreau Model
Cross Model
Modified Cross Model
Herschel-Bulkley Model
Criminale-Ericksen-Filbey Viscoelastic Model
Casson Thixotropy Model

Temperature Dependence Properties

Table or Expression
Exp(Q/RT) (Metal and Polymer)
Exp(-beta(T-To)) (Metal and Polymer)
Exp(Tb/T) (Polymer)
WLF (Polymer)


Platforms/Operating Systems

32-bit architecture
64-bit architecture



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