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Changing the Window

Changing the Window

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Changing the Window

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The window viewing options allow you to zoom in and out of the currently displayed window, specify an area to see in closer detail, fill the window with the model, and refresh the screen.

The following window viewing options are included as default keyboard shortcuts:




Circle zoom: click-and-drag the mouse to draw a circle.  The view zooms to that circle when you release the mouse button.

+ and -

(Numeric keypad) Current Window Zoom


Fit to screen


Plot (refreshes the rendering in the graphics area).


Slide zoom; click-and-drag the mouse to zoom in and out.  Release the mouse button to stop zooming.

CTRL + right-click allows you to drag the model.


Use the following procedures to manipulate the model:

expand-green-10To Perform a Circle Zoom
1.Press z on the keyboard.

HyperForm displays a message requesting you to circle the area of the model to be more closely investigated.

2.Move the mouse to the appropriate area on the screen and hold the left mouse button down.  With the mouse button still depressed, move the mouse to circle the area to be zoomed in on.

A trailer line appears wherever the mouse is moved.  The area circled is used to recalculate the window when the mouse button is released.

3.Release the mouse button.


expand-green-10To Zoom In and Out of the Current Window
1.Press + on the numeric keypad to zoom in.
2.Press - on the numeric keypad to zoom out.

These two functions increase or decrease the current window by the user-defined factor specified on the modeling subpanel on the Options panel.


expand-green-10To Drag the Model
1.Simultaneously press and hold the CTRL key and the right mouse button.

The cursor changes to dynamic center mode.

2.Use the mouse to drag the model to the desired position on the screen.


expand-green-10To Fit the Entire Model on the Screen
1.Press F on the keyboard.

Automatic full screen refreshes are kept to a minimum.  If the screen appears messy or inaccurate after entities have been plotted and erased, press the P key to refresh the screen.  The model and/or the window are not resized when you refresh the screen.


expand-green-10To Refresh the Screen
1.Press P on the keyboard.


expand-green-10To Use the Mouse to Zoom In and Out
1.Press the S key.
2.Click and hold the mouse button.
3.Slide the mouse:

-        up to zoom out


-        down to zoom in

4.Release the mouse button to end the zoom function.



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