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Blank Optimizer

Blank Optimizer

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Blank Optimizer

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In order to precisely capture the final part profile after performing an incremental forming analysis, the deviation between the final part edge from the analysis and the targeted part edge is measured and applied to the original blank profile. A new blank shape is then generated based on the applied deviation. Material is removed or added in areas corresponding to deviations of the part edge with respect to the target edge. This process is called blank optimization.

To start the blank optimizer, from the Tools menu, click Blank Opti, and then follow the menu options:

Select Root Directory: Specify the location of the root directory where your model files are stored. Note that the root directory path should not contain spaces. A dialog opens with general guidelines about choosing the root directory.
Blank Optimizer with Web Exclusions (optional): Select the web elements for exclusions. This operation optimizes the blank shape for progressive die forming, where the blank shape for optimization is considered excluding the webs connecting the continuous strip of blanks.
Blank Opti Setup: Specify the optimization setup. This operation makes a comparison between the boundary of the formed part and the target boundary to calculate the deviation. This deviation is applied to the initial blank and a new boundary for the blank is created.



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