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Blank Fit

Blank Fit

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Blank Fit

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The Blank Fit macro will calculate the best-fit rectangular blank around the perimeter of the initial blank shape.  It is necessary to perform a  HyperForm one-step analysis on the part prior to running this macro. To start it, click the Tools menu and select Blank Fit.


The steps necessary to use the macro are:

1.From the Part drop-down list, select the part to perform blank fitting on. (Ensure that results are loaded before this step.)
2.If necessary, modify the material density or cost per kg for the material used.
3.Choose the appropriate plot options for the blank fitting.
4.Make a selection under the Blank Shapes setting, if necessary.
5.Click Blank Fit to calculate.

After performing the blank fit, a fitted blank shape (shown in red) and the initial blank shape (shown in blue) are generated.  Also, the following information is plotted to the screen:

Current date and time
Dimensions of the fitted rectangle and orientation angle about the z-axis
Surface area
Material name
Unit cost



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