What's New

View new features for HyperLife Weld Certification 2021.

Altair HyperLife Weld Certification 2021 Release Notes

New Features

Weld Fatigue Assessment with Solid Elements
Weld Fatigue assessment with Solid Elements (3D idealization) is supported for DVS1612, FKM, and Eurocode 3 norms. The tool automatically generates a surface skin layer for stress recovery. Weld lines are detected and classified within the weld browser with the standard workflow which is common for both shell and solid models.
Evaluation at Weld Ends
The tool now automatically identifies the weld ends and an additional evaluation location is assigned. This feature is enabled and exposed for user control in File > Preferences > HyperLife Weld > Enable Weld End.
Export Result Table
The assessment results can now be exported to a spreadsheet (CSV file format). The Export Result Table button in the Result Explorer page will write a CSV file into the working directory.
Static assessment of Welds
Static assessment of Welds is supported for DVS1612, FKM, and Eurocode-3 norms for shell models. Results are output by default under Contour Results on the Result Explorer.


Weld Property File import in Points tool
The import option for Weld Property File has moved to the Points tool. This import option was present in the Specification tool in earlier releases.
Ratio contour for Shell elements on Inspect Browser

Ratio contour of the down selected welds is available in the Inspect browser within the Inspect tool.

Min and Max Stress contour for Unwelded Evaluation
The Min and Max Stress result contour is available for Unwelded Evaluation under Contour Results in the Result Explorer.
Activate/deactivate Effective Weld Thickness in Preferences
An enhanced Preferences options to activate and deactivate Effective Weld Thickness is available under File > Preferences > HyperLife Weld.
Target cycles input option removed from Points tool
The Required Number of Cycles input option has been removed from the Points tool. Modify the desired repeats in the Evaluate tool.

Resolved Issues

  • Stress Query for skewed elements is resolved. Jacobian threshold can be tweaked in Preferences.
  • Reloading a session file issue is fixed. When intending to reload a session file, only load the *.hm file created by HyperLife Weld Certification in the working directory. Solver result files are not required while reloading a session file which will reset the run settings.