Temp Nodes panel

Temp Nodes panel

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Temp Nodes panel

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Use the Temp Nodes panel to control which nodes are on the temporary node mark. Since all nodes not currently referenced in the model are deleted, the temporary node mark is provided as a holding area to save the nodes you are not currently using. Those nodes are saved as long as they are in the temporary node mark.


Subpanels and Inputs

There are no subpanels on the Temp Nodes panel. All inputs and command buttons are located on the main panel.


Panel Inputs



nodes selector

Use the selector to indicate the nodes that you want placed on the temporary node mark


Command Buttons

The following action buttons appear:




Adds the selected nodes


Removes the selected nodes from the temporary node mark.

When nodes are removed from the temporary node mark, the node is deleted if it is not attached to a structural element, and is not used by a card in the database.

clear all

Removes all nodes from the temporary node mark.


Exits the panel