Cut Parts

Cut a set of solid objects with a cutting plane.

  1. On the Feasibility tab, in the Prepare group, click the Cut tool.

  2. Optional: By default, the targets are assumed based on where you position the cutting plane. To select your own targets, click Targets, and then select one or more parts.
  3. Click Plane, and then click to define the cutting plane.
    As you mouse over the target, a red circular saw appears to indicate where the cutting plane will be positioned. Hovering over an edge gives a perpendicular cutting plane, while hovering over a face produces a planar cutting plane.
  4. Click Cut.

    Figure 1. Cutting a Part
All individual solids are placed into separate parts.
  • To reposition the cut plane using the Move tool, click .
  • To align the cut plane to the x-, y-, or z-axis, click .