Define Trim, Pierce and Lance Lines

After adding a trim operation to your analysis, you can define trim, pierce and lance lines.

Add lance lines after you have completed all required trim stages. The software cannot trim parts that are lanced.
  1. Select a Trim operation that you added to your analysis.
    The Trim, Pierce, and Lance tools appear on the Tryout ribbon.

    Note: If your model includes a single trim line, the software automatically identifies it. If more than one trim line exists, the longer line is identified as a trim line and the remaining lines are identified as pierce lines.
  2. Select the Trim, Pierce, or Lance tool.
  3. On the model, select the line(s) or edge(s) where you want to create the trim, pierce or lance line.
  4. Click to confirm or on the guide bar, click Assign.
    The trim, pierce and lance lines are assigned. An arrow appears for each line indicating a direction for the trimming process. The default direction is based on the average normal.
    Figure 1. Model with Trim and Pierce Lines

    Figure 2. Model with Lance Line