Altair® Panopticon


Map Plot Settings

These are divided into three tabs:

  • General


  1. Setting


    Map Provider


    Determines which Map Provider should be used for providing Map tiles.

    Initially only a single map provider is defined, but more can be added by modifying the configuration.

    Min Radius

    The minimum radius in pixels of the data point.

    Max Radius

    The maximum radius in pixels of the scatter point.





    How data point labels are shown.  Values can be:

    • None

    • Distinguishable

    • All




    The shape of the scatter point.  This can be:

    • Filled Circle

    • Filled Square

    Show Borders

    Determines whether a border is drawn around each data point.

    Show Zoom Levels

    Determines whether a zoom level indicator should be displayed on the Map Plot.

    Max zoom level for automatically calculated views

    The maximum zoom to be applied when there is a single data point, rather than a collection, so a latitude / longitude bounding box cannot be established.



  • Synchronization


  • Filters

Refer to Visualization Static Filter for more information.