Altair® Panopticon


Add a Data Source

When creating a new data table or editing an existing one, you can add a new data source.

Adding a Data Source

You can add a data source in the Edit Data Table view either by:

  • Clicking the button in the Data Sources area.

The Connect to Data dialog is displayed.

Then select a data source in  the list. Click OK or Open depending on the data source you selected.

  • Dragging other data sources in the Desktop of your computer and dropping to the Data Sources area, as long as they are supported Panopticon Designer (Desktop) connector files:

    • .accdb

    • .accde

    • .csv

    • .dwx

    • .exd

    • .exw

    • .json

    • .mdb

    • .mde

    • .svg

    • .xls

    • .xlsm

    • .xlsx

    • .xml