Altair® Panopticon


Upgrading Altair Panopticon Designer (Desktop)

A previously installed Panopticon Designer (Desktop) can be upgraded to the latest version through any of the following options:

q  Upgrading

q  Uninstalling and Re-Installing

q  Silent Uninstalling and Re-Installing



Simply install the latest release as defined earlier.  This will update the existing software installation.

This capability is only available when the version number changes, and consequently may not be available for customer specific builds.


A new major release of Panopticon Designer (Desktop) may require a new license key to be activated when used on a stand-alone basis.




Uninstalling and Re-Installing


1.     Select Control Panel > Programs and Features.

2.     Select the Altair Panopticon Designer (Desktop) <version> <bitness> from the listing of installed programs and select Uninstall.

3.     Then install the latest release as defined previously.



Silent Uninstalling and Re-installing


1.     Run the following command line on the command prompt:

msiexec /x c:\temp\DatawatchDesignerx86.msi /qb /L* c:\temp\Designerx86install.log


·         /x

This option uninstalls the program.

·         /qb

This option displays the uninstall progress bar. To suppress displaying the uninstall progress bar, replace /qb  with /qn.

2.     Then install the latest release as defined previously.