Altair® Panopticon


Setting Folder Permissions

Starting from the support of Citrix, folder permissions are not allowed to Users/Public/Document  and its subfolders.

This can be fixed by enabling the injection of the default document root for Panopticon Designer (Desktop).

Ensure that the DocumentsRootFoldersetting is added in the Panopticon Designer (Desktop) application config (C:\Program Files\Datawatch Desktop\Designer\EXDesigner.exe.config)

For example:

<setting name="DocumentsRootFolder" serializeAs="String">



The DocumentsRootFolder parameter is used on the first application start up to determine where to create the Datatables, Data, Workbooks, CacheData, etc. directories. If the DocumentsRootFolder is not set, the SpecialFolder.CommonDocuments  will be used instead (C:\Users\Public\Documents).


The DocumentsRootFolder accepts any value of the SpecialFolderenumeration:


For example, using MyDocuments would revert to the behavior of lower versions of Panopticon Designer (Desktop) 13.3.

If the value is not found in the SpecialFolders enumeration, it is expected to be an absolute file path.