Altair® Panopticon


Adding a Time Filter Box

Time-series visualizations can be filtered to show a specified time window, through the Time Filter box. Only one can be added per dashboard.


1.     After double-clicking or drawing a rectangle on the dashboard canvas, click  on the Select Part pane then click the Time Filter Box    icon.

The Time Filter Box Settings pane is displayed, and the Time Filter Box part is added on the dashboard canvas.


2.     Select a Data Table from the drop-down list then select the time series filter Column.

The Time Filter Box now displays:

·         Editable Minimum Date/Time

·         Editable Maximum Date/Time

·         Handles for quick filtering of the time period

·         Time Slice Selection (Snapshot Time)

·         Line Graph representation of the time series column


3.     Select the Aggregate type.

If you set the aggregation method to Intercept, Slope, Weighted Mean, Weighted Harmonic Mean, Percent of Weight Total, Percent of Total Change, Cumulative Sum, Cumulative Sum By Max, or Ratio, the Weight Column drop-down list is enabled and displays a list of numeric data columns in the selected data table that can be used as the weight column for the aggregate.

4.     The Format field lets you specify the format that Date/Time will be displayed in.

5.     Proceed to setting the time filter box settings:



Show Handles

Determines whether handles are displayed. Enabled by default.

Snapshot Label Always Visible

Determines whether to always display the snapshot label. Enabled by default.

Show Backward & Forward Button

Determines whether the Backward and Forward buttons are displayed to move through time slices.

Show Play/Pause Button

Determines whether the Play  or Pause  button is displayed and adds the ability to automatically play through all the time slices.

It subsequently automatically moves through each time slice until it reaches the end of the time window, causing the playback to reset.

Play Time

How long the play time will run if the Pay Mode is Ticks. Default is 30.

Play Mode

Determines whether the play mode is either Time or Ticks

Setting to Time will playback the time slices as quickly as possible

Setting to Ticks will playback a time slice based on the set Play Time

For example, there are 8 time slices in the Time Series visualization, setting the Play Time to 16 will playback a time slice per 2 seconds (i.e., will move the snapshot one step per 2 seconds).

Skip Empty Values

Determines whether to skip empty values.

Display in PDF

Determines whether to include the time filter box in the PDF output.

Left Margin

The margin area on the left side of the time filter box.

Right Margin

The margin area on the right side of the time filter box.


6.     Click the Save  icon on the toolbar to save the changes.

When saved, the  notification is displayed.