History (hwx.inspire.core)

Manages the Undo or Redo support.

While interacting with inspire object through API,History noteState need to be created explicitly to perform undo or redo operation.

Public Methods

classmethod disabled (cls)
classmethod noteState (cls, tag)
classmethod redo (cls)
classmethod temporaryMode (cls)
classmethod undo (cls)

Method Details

classmethod disabled(cls)

Disables the history.

classmethod noteState(cls, tag)

Creates history noteState with supplied tag.

param tag:Name for noteState.
type tag:str
classmethod redo(cls)

Performs a Redo operation.

classmethod temporaryMode(cls)

Begins a transaction for data model changes.

  • NoteState commits the changes otherwise the model is restored when leaving the contextmanager.
  • Yields commit and rollback functions.
classmethod undo(cls)

Performs an Undo operation.