Construction (hwx.inspire.core)

Sequence of construction history steps.

When you create, modify, move, or delete geometry in your model, or group parts together, Inspire records the action in your model’s construction history.


Public Methods

delete (self, index)
roll (self, steps)
rollTo (self, step)
suppress (self, index)
unsuppress (self, index)

Property Details


Returns the current feature in construction history.

Method Details

delete(self, index)

Delete removes the construction feature from the model, but records the deletion in the construction history.

param index:Index of the deleted construction history feature.
type index:int
roll(self, steps)

Move forward or backward through construction history.

param steps:Number of steps to move forward or backward from the current step.
type steps:int
rollTo(self, step)

Move to specified feature in construction history.

param step:Step number to roll to. 0 -> Before first step. 1 -> After last step.
type step:int
suppress(self, index)

Suppress allows you to see your model as if the construction feature had not been created.

Suppressed features do not participate in computations and do not appear in the modeling area. The History Browser shows suppressed construction features in italics.

param index:Index of the construction history feature to suppress.
type index:int
unsuppress(self, index)

Unsuppresses the suppressed construction history feature at the specified index.

param index:Index of the suppressed construction history feature.
type index:int