Create a Flexible Body

Convert one or more rigid bodies to flexible bodies. A flexible part will have flexibility properties that allow it to deform under loads.

  1. Select the Create Flexible Body tool.

  2. Select one or more parts in the modeling window.
  3. In the microdialog, enter the Number of Modes to include in the flex body mode analysis.
  4. Select Stress and/or Strain if you want to include these result types in the flex body results.
  5. Click Apply to convert the selected rigid bodies to flexible bodies.

    A green flag will appear over the Flex Body icon when the conversion is complete. Click the flag to review the flex body modes.

  • Right-click on a part and select Flexible for Motion to quickly designate a part as flexible. The next time you run a motion analysis, all selected parts will be converted before the analysis.
  • Click the satellite icon that appears when you hover over the FlexBody icon to view the status of conversion runs that are already in progress or that have not yet been viewed.

  • See Review Flexible Body Modes and Review Flexible Body Results for more information on how to view the results.

Microdialog Options

Use the options in the microdialog to determine what is included in the flex body analysis.

Number of Modes

Enter the number of flex body modes to include in the analysis.


Make the selected parts flexible.


Include stress in the flexible body results.


Include strain in the flexible body results.