Altair HyperForm 2021 Release Notes


  • Composite forming model setup and results visualization in incremental Radioss profile has been enhanced with following new features:
    • Adhesion between plies in multilayer composite forming models
    • Output fiber stress and strains for multilayer composite forming models
    • Springback simulation after forming for sandwich composite forming models
    • HyperForm utilities drop-down now supports composite forming results: Fiber 1 rotation, Angle between fibers, Fiber 1 orientation, and Fiber 2 orientation
  • Trimming enhanced to create degenerated Quad elements
  • Thermal option enabled for Blank Type: Multilayered blank – Free
  • Explicit springback support for Blank Type: Thick shell and Solid

Resolved Issues

  • Auto positioning of plies/blanks in multilayered model setup has been fixed to maintain gap equal to half of average thickness of adjacent plies.
  • Pressure load missing in exported file from tube hydroforming model set up is fixed.
  • Missing elements along the trim boundary after trimming has been fixed.