Inspire Family Unit Draw

A summary of the Altair Units (AUs) drawn by application.

The Inspire Family of applications provides integrated solutions for industrial design, rendering, concept design, design simulation, as well as manufacturing feasibility and process simulation.

First solver execution levels with the UI, second plus stacks unit draw.
Application AUs License Feature(s) Description
Inspire Render 2 InspireRender Full-featured concept design rendering environment created specifically for industrial and product designers.
Inspire Studio 5 InspireStudio Full-featured concept design modelling environment created specifically for industrial and product designers.
Inspire 15 Inspire


Easy-to-use concept environment which empowers design engineers to leverage simulation and optimization throughout the design process. Including generative design, structural analysis, motion simulation, casting and stamping feasibility. OptiStruct as structural analysis solver.
30 Inspire Same as above with SimSolid as structural analysis solver.
30 InspirePrint3DSolver Full-featured additive manufacturing module with support generation, slicing, process simulation.
Inspire Form 15 InspireFormOneStep A virtual environment stamping analysis based on part or tooling geometry. Thinning and formability issues as well as estimated blank shape and maximize material utilization via blank fitting and nesting utilities can evaluated. Forming feasibility via one-step solver.
30 InspireFormIncrGUI, InspireFormIncrSolver Invoke Tryout GUI and incremental (Radioss) solver.
Inspire Cast 30 InspireCastGUI, InspireManufacturingSolver A casting process simulation software that allows you to enhance and optimize their manufactured components with efficient mold design and process development.
Inspire Extrude Metal 30 InspireExtrudeGUI, InspireManufacturingSolver Metal extrusion simulation solution.
Inspire Extrude Polymer 30 InspireExtrudeGUI, InspireManufacturingSolver Polymer extrusion simulation solution.
Inspire Friction Stir Welding 30 InspireExtrudeGUI, InspireManufacturingSolver Friction stir welding solution
Inspire Mold 30 InspireMoldGUI, InspireManufacturingSolver Injection molding simulation
Inspire Resin Transfer Molding 30 InspireMoldGUI, InspireManufacturingSolver Resin transfer molding simulation
Inspire PolyFoam 50 InspirePolyFoamGUI Polyurethane foam simulation
100 InspirePolyFoamSolver