Basic Mesh Generation Attributes

The following settings are available in the Launch AcuMeshSim dialog.

  • Ams file name is the name of the .ams input file for launching AcuMeshSim. The default .ams file name is the name of the database with an .ams extension.
  • Mesh output directory is the directory to which AcuMeshSim writes out all the mesh files.
  • Export .ams file is the flag specifying if the input file for the mesh generation process should be written. This is very useful when you want to generate the mesh on a different machine than the one on which the AcuConsole GUI is used.
  • Launch AcuMeshSim is the flag specifying if AcuMeshSim should be executed.
  • Output mesh statistics
  • Mesh type can be set as either volume mesh or surface mesh.
  • Output file format: By default set to binary and all the mesh files are written to disk in binary format. If set to ASCII, mesh files will be written in ASCII format.
  • Unconstrain top boundary layer during mesh smoothing: By default, the mesh smoothing operation does not modify the mesh associated with the boundary layer. By turning this flag On, the top layer of the boundary layer will be included/modified during mesh smoothing.