Load Step: Inertia Relief

In the Inertia relief dialog, define and edit the *INERTIA RELIEF card.

To open the dialog in the Load Step window, select Inertia relief from the tree and a load collector from the Load collector table.

Load Step: Inertia Relief: Define Tab

In the Define tab, define * INERTIA RELIEF cards.

Activate the Inertia relief checkbox to make the *INERTIA RELIEF load active for the current load collector.

There are two data line options available:
Free direction
Integer list of degrees of freedom identifying the free directions
Reference points
Global X, Y, and Z-coordinates of the reference point.

Click Update to activate the data line selection in the HyperMesh database.

Load Step: Inertia Relief: Parameter Tab

In the Parameter tab, define optional parameters for the * INERTIA RELIEF card.

The supported parameters include: Orientation, Fixed, Remove, and None.

Click Update to activate the optional parameter selection in the HyperMesh database.