Run OSSmooth

  • Run OSSmooth from the command line.
    1. Enter ossmooth <prefix>.oss.
  • Run OSSmooth from the HyperMesh Solver panel.
    1. From the menu bar, click Tools > Solver.
    2. Set switch to OSSmooth.
    3. In the input file field, enter <prefix>.oss.
    4. Click solve.
      OSSmooth standalone, which can also be invoked from the Solver panel in HyperMesh, checks out 50 HyperWorks Units.
  • Run OSSmooth from the HyperMesh ossmooth panel.
    1. From the Post page, click ossmooth.
    2. Choose either OSSmooth (for geometry), FEA topology or FEA topography.
    3. In the file field, select the OptiStruct input file (<prefix.fem> and/or <> and/or <prefix.grid >).
    4. Edit the OSSmooth input data by making selections on the screen.
    5. Click ossmooth.

    OSSmooth (for geometry) will write a new <prefix.oss> file with the screen settings and load the geometry recovered into HyperMesh if the data format is IGES, STL, or Nastran. FEA topology and FEA topography will update the model in HyperMesh without outputting the result; if required, data can be exported from HyperMesh.

    OSSmooth invoked from the ossmooth panel in HyperMesh checks out 42 HyperWorks Units (21 leveled and 21 stacked).

  • Run OSSmooth from the HyperWorks Run Manager.
    1. In the Input file(s) field, select the .oss file.
    2. Verify that the Options field is empty.
    3. Click Run.