Update Metadata From PDM

  1. In the Part Browser, right-click on a part or parts to update and select Representations > Update from the context menu.
  2. Update metadata.
    • Rename the selected parts or part's component, or create if it does not already exist.
    • Create a material based on PDM Material and PDM MID.

      If a material of the given ID already exists, then it will not be overwritten or recreated in order to avoid overwriting any existing material properties.

      Only linear attributes are updated. Default steel attributes are used with the following unit system: millimeter, second, tonne, and Newton.

    • Create a property based on PDM PID and PDM Thickness*.

      If a property of the given PID already exists, its thickness will be updated based on PDM Thickness; however, the existing property will not be recreated. Only relevant metadata will be updated in order to avoid overwriting any existing property card values.

    Note: *If the PDM MeshFlag attribute is set to SMT (Solid Mesh Tetra) or SMH (Solid Mesh Hexa), than a solid card image will be assigned to the property.