Define Gap Based Refinement Criteria

Use the Gap tool to define mesh refinement settings based on gaps between surfaces.

Gap refinements provide the capability to get an accurate mesh when surfaces are in close proximity.
  1. Select the surfaces on which to apply the mesh control in the following ways:
    • While in the Mesh ribbon, select two or more surfaces, then right-click and select Assign Mesh Controls > Gap from the context menu.
    • From the Mesh ribbon, click the Gap tool.

      Figure 1.

      Select surfaces.

  2. In the dialog, define gap refinement options.
  3. From the guide bar, execute the command in the following ways:
    • Click to confirm your selection and remain in the tool.

      This allows you to continue creating instances and helps you visualize and edit instances with the legend.

    • Click to confirm your selection and exit the tool.