Validate the Model

Use the Validate tool to validate your entire model, review surface and solid checks, and fix any issues.

This task must be done before meshing or completing the solver run.
  1. From the Geometry ribbon, click the Validate tool.

    Figure 1.
    Your entire model displays in the modeling window. The Validate tool finds any surface or solid defects, such as closed shells, free surfaces, slivers, and close proximity solids.
    Note: If any checks were turned off while using the Surface or Solid repair tools, they will be turned back on when validating. All checks must be passed in order to validate the model.
  2. If any surface or solid checks are flagged, click the link below the tool.

    You are directed back to the Surface and Solid repair tools where you can review and fix any issues.

    Once all of the issues are fixed and the checks have been passed, the Validate tool changes to indicate a valid model.

    Figure 2.
After you have validated the model, you can move on to other ribbons and continue setting up your simulation.

Change the Sliver Surface Threshold

Change the threshold for finding and fixing sliver surfaces.

  1. From the Geometry ribbon, click the Validate Settings tool.

    Figure 3.
  2. Enter a value for the sliver surface threshold in the microdialog