Setting Up the Antenna in CADFEKO

To ensure mesh connectivity between the antenna mesh and platform mesh in the steps that follow, create a base for the antenna that will protrude and intersect the platform.

  1. Open CADFEKO.
  2. Open the antenna model.

    Figure 1. Circular patch antenna with opacity at 60% showing the wire feed. The antenna was meshed using CADFEKO.
  3. Create the antenna base and set the region medium to perfect electric conductor (PEC).

    Figure 2. A base was created and the region medium set to PEC.
    1. Create the base by making a copy of the antenna geometry.
    2. Translate the base to sit below the antenna.
  4. Ensure connectivity between the antenna and its base by using one of the following workflows:
    • Union the antenna and its base.
    • Move1 the base into the antenna union. The Move into operation retains the label of the antenna in the tree.
1 Drag the base into the antenna union and from the right-click context menu, select Move into.