Defining Calculation Requests

Define the calculation requests in CADFEKO.

  1. Modify the existing far field request to export spherical modes.
    1. On the Advanced tab, select the check box Calculate spherical expansion mode coefficients.
    2. Select the check box Export spherical expansion coefficients to ASCII file.
  2. Create a near field request and export the fields to file.
    • Definition methods: Spherical
    • Start: (1.3*w_l, 0, 0)
    • End: (1.3*w_l, 180, 360)
    • Increment: (0, 5, 5)
    • Clear the Sample on edges check box.
    • On the Advanced tab, select the Export fields to ASCII file check box.
    Tip: Sampling on the edges would create duplicate request points at 0° and 360°.