Getting Started

The CoMan application is part of the WinProp suite and allows the simulation of the reliability and connectivity in wireless mesh and sensor networks. Model wireless sensor networks with different types of nodes.

Connectivity aspects between the nodes of the network can be predicted based on the underlying propagation scenario in different environments (rural, urban and indoor). Depending on the specified wireless air interface of the system, interference is considered as well. The paths of the information flow between the nodes of the network can be determined depending on the predicted radio channels between the nodes and the specified service requirements of the air interface.

In order to set up a new project and run simulations based on the specified data, the following steps are required: 
  1. Creation of a new project
  2. Configuration of the wireless system
  3. Propagation prediction
  4. Network prediction (optional)
  5. Connectivity prediction
  6. Analysis of computation results