SS-V: 3030 Heat Generating Plate

Test No. VT04Find temperature at the mid-plane of a heat generating steel plate and the heat flow rate to the fluid the plate is heating.


Heat is uniformly generated in the plate volume.

The fluid temperature is 150 F.

The material properties are:
Plate Thermal Conductivity
25 BTU/(hr-ft-F)
Surface Convection Coefficient
13.969738 BTU/(hr-ft2-F)
Volume Heat Generation Rate
1.e+5 BTU/(hr-ft3)


A piece of plate is simulated by a 1 x 1 x 0.5 inch solid. Side surfaces of the solid are insulated in order to allow heat transfer only in the direction perpendicular to the plate surface.

The following table shows the temperature at the mid-plane and the flow rate to the fluid.
  Reference SimSolid % Difference
Temperature at Mid-plane [deg-F] 299.1 300.0 0.30%
Heat Flow Rate to Fluid [BTU/(hr*ft2)] 2083.3 2084 0.03%

Figure 1. Temperature distribution in the plate
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