SS-V: 1050 Tapered Solid Bar

Test No. VS06Determine the maximum axial deflection and axial stress at the mid-length for a tapered solid bar.


Figure 1.

Figure 2.

A tapered bar of square cross section (Figure 2), is subjected to axial load applied to the end of the bar (Figure 1).

The load is uniformly distributed at the free end of the bar. The other end is fixed.

The units are IPS.

The material properties are:
Modulus of Elasticity
10.4e+6 psi
Poisson's Ratio


The following table summarizes the deflection and stress results.
  Theory SimSolid % Difference
Maximum Axial Deflection [in] 4.8080E-03 4.8324E-03 0.51%
Axial Stress* at Midpoint [psi] 4.4440E+03 4.4200E+03 -0.54%

*Stress-Z along length of bar. Value take off midpoint of XY graph.

1 Harris, C.O., Introduction to Stress Analysis, The MacMillan Co., New York, 1959, pp. 237, Problem 4.