Fluid Material Properties

The Fluid material type is a parameter used with the BEGIN MATERIAL data block.


Fluid Air {  
  FluidType = "Newtonian"
  Density = r
  SpecificHeat = Cp(T)
  Conductivity = K(T)
  Viscosity = m (T) | ho
  CoeffOfThermalExpansion = β
  VolumetricHeatSource = Qvol }


FluidType denotes the type of fluid and it is "Newtonian". Note that the non-Newtonian materials are classified as Polymer for Polymer Processing and Workpiece for Metal Extrusion. The specific heat, thermal conductivity, and viscosity can be input as functions of temperature.

Fluid Material Properties Data Types

The following table contains descriptions of data types for fluid material properties:
Variable Name Value Type Remarks
FluidType String in quotes "Newtonian" = Newtonian;
Desnity Real (Constant) Density of the fluid
SpecificHeat Real (Constant/Function of Temp.) Function can be a TABLE1 or EXPRESSION
Conductivity Real (Constant/Function of Temp.) Function can be a TABLE1 or EXPRESSION
Viscoscity Real (Constant/Function of Temp.) TABLE1 or EXPRESSION are used only for Newtonian fluid. For non-Newtonian fluids the viscosity is computed using the model specific expressions.
CoeffOfThermalExpansion Real (Constant) Thermal Expansion coeff.
VolumetricHeatSource Real (Constant) Value per unit volume.