Advanced Screen Capture

Record a video or take a snapshot of a specific area or the full screen with the current background.

  1. Select File > Screen Capture > Advanced Screen Capture.
  2. Configure the settings:
    1. In the microdialog, click Settings .
    2. Configure the Screen Capture Settings, which apply to both snapshots and videos:
      Option Description Note
      Include mouse cursor Select this option to include the mouse cursor when recording a video or taking a snapshot of the screen. This option doesn't apply to Quick Snapshot.
      Save to a default file location Select this option to automatically save the video or snapshot to a default location.

      To specify the default location, click Select save location , and then select a folder.

      The default location is Documents/Altair/captures
      Capture delay (sec) Define the number of seconds that elapse before the video starts recording or the snapshot is taken.

      The default delay time is 3 seconds.

      This option doesn't apply to Quick Snapshot.
    3. Configure the Video Settings:
      Option Description
      Frame rate Define the number of frames displayed per second in the video.

      The default frame rate is 24.

      File format Save the video as a .mp4 or .gif file.
  3. Define the capture area:
    • To capture a specific area of the screen, click Select Screen Area , and then drag to draw a box.
    • To capture the full screen, click Select Full Screen .
  4. Capture the screen:
    • To take a snapshot, click Take Snapshot .
    • To record a video, click Start/Stop Recording , manipulate the model as desired, and then click Stop Recording .
  5. Choose a folder and type a file name.
  6. Click Save.
The snapshot is saved as a .png file. Depending on the File format defined in the Video Settings, the video is saved as a .mp4 or .gif file.