Evaluation (Run)

Many methods used for certification request result values that will be queried on the model.
  1. If you have not done so already, load result files using the file loader.
  2. Assign loadcases to design point sets.
  3. Click Select Load case from the context menu.
    Those design point sets will be evaluated for the list of assigned loadcases. To evaluate methods added to design point sets, follow the steps below.
  4. Select all design point sets that are of interest.
  5. Click Run to assess methods for respective assigned loadcases.
    A table is created in HyperMesh per design point set per method. All of the extracted data requested by a method is saved in the table along with method outputs. Tables are in the HyperMesh binary file. They are used (when appropriate) to contour results.
  6. Optional: The table can be exported to Excel (*.csv) files by right-clicking on the table entity in the Model Browser and selecting Table > Export.