Aero-Structure Pressure Interpolation-Batch

Restriction: Only available in the Aerospace-Nastran and OptiStruct user profile in Engineering Solutions.
  1. From the menu bar, click Aerospace > Loads/BCs > Aero-Pressure Interpolation.
  2. Select Batch.
  3. Set up the unit conversion.
  4. Define the global definition of pressure distribution.
  5. Select the model input where the Cp will be interpolated.
  6. Set up the model view for picture extraction.
  7. In the table area, set up multiple sources, on which element set the pressure will be mapped, name and ID of the load collector to be created and interpolation method of the newly created pressure load with respect to the Cp input.
  8. Verify the newly created pressure in the report.
    Creation of the table can be performed either by direct input from you or by loading the configuration file.