Constructing a Microstrip Line

Create a two-port 50 Ohm microstrip line using a planar multilayer substrate in CADFEKO.

  1. Design a 50 Ohm microstrip line on a substrate of height 0.787 mm and permittivity of 2.33, using one of the following methods:
    • Use a third-party tool (transmission line calculator) to calculate the dimensions of the microstrip line.
    • Calculate the dimensions of the microstrip line using equations from literature.
  2. Create the microstrip line in CADFEKO using the dimensions obtained in Step 1.
    Tip: Use a planar multilayer substrate for the dielectric layer and ground plane.
  3. To ensure finer meshing along the length of the microstrip line:
    1. Copy the side edges and translate the edges a distance of 1/7 of the microstrip line width.

      Figure 1. The two side edges are translated from the edge a distance of 1/7 the microstrip line width.
    1. Define a local mesh refinement on the two translated edges.