Updating or Upgrading to a New Version

Updating and upgrading refers to the process of installing a new version containing features, minor software enhancements and bug fixes on top of an existing base installation.

  1. Open the Updater using the Launcher utility.
  2. On the Altair Feko update dialog, click the Update tab.
  3. Click the Refresh button to view the available Feko versions for download.
  4. Select a version to view the available components and their individual file size in the table.
    Tip: Click Details to view the release notes in the message window.

    Figure 1. The Altair Feko update dialog - Update tab.
  5. Click Update to update or upgrade to the selected version.
    1. Before an upgrade is started, you will be asked to confirm the upgrade from the current version to the selected version. Click Continue with upgrade to allow the update/upgrade process to proceed.

    2. During the update process, click Details to expand the message window and view detailed information regarding the update process.
  6. When the update or upgrade is complete, click Close.