Script Editor Area

The editor area allows you to edit .pre files. The script editor includes syntax highlighting and each file is contained in its own tab.

  • Re-order the window tabs by simply dragging the tab to the desired location.
  • View the path to the open .pre file by hovering with mouse cursor over the window tab.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality is supported.

The editing tools are available on the Home tab, in the Edit group.

Table 1. Editing tools.
Icon Icon text Description
Copy Copy the selected text to clipboard. Shortcut: Ctrl+C
Cut Cut the selected text to clipboard. Shortcut: Ctrl+X
Paste Paste the text from clipboard. Shortcut: Ctr+V
Comment Block comment the selected items. Shortcut: Alt+C
Uncomment Uncomment the selected items. Shortcut: Alt+U
Find / Replace A find and replace tool with the following text search functionality: Find next, Find previous, Replace, Replace all, Close. Shortcut: Ctrl+F
Goto line A tool which allows you to find a specific line in the script. This is useful when PREFEKO reports an error with a corresponding line number.