Configuring Report Properties for Charts

Envision allows you to configure report properties at report level (for all pages in a selected report) such as the data format, sparse filter, and for sharing the report with other users using access control.

Configuring report properties

1.   On the Filters and Settings pane, select the Settings tabbed page.

2.   Click the icon to define the report properties. Optionally, click the or the icon to expand or collapse each of these report properties.

The following table explains how to define these properties.

For Specify
Data Format Select to view the existing data formats from the drop down. Click the icon to create a new data format. For more information on how to create data formats see Creating Data Formats.
Sparse Filter Select the check box to enable sparse browsing for all pages in the report. For more information on sparse browsing, see Using the Sparse Browser.
Share Select to view the users with whom you have shared the report with from the drop down. Click the icon to share the report with other users and user groups using access control. For more information on sharing reports using access control, see Controlling Report-level Access.
Export Schedules Select to set up scheduled export of reports in PPT or PDF formats. For more information on how to configure a schedule for export of reports, see Configuring Scheduled Export of Reports.