Antenna Subset Selection

During the installation of new radio networks it is often quite difficult to find the optimum location of new transmitter antennas.

OptMan offers the possibility to find the best suitable subset of a larger set of possible, user defined transmitters/cells within a radio network. The user has to define a radio planning project with possible and completely configured transmitters/cells (typically more transmitters than expected). Based on any specified result type, for example, data rate, signal level, interference level and corresponding optimization target definitions, OptMan finds the best subset of transmitters/cells to fulfill these specified targets or approach the defined targets as close as possible.

The tool automatically computes the wave propagation and network planning predictions. It adds a first transmitter / cell to the configuration from the list of available pre-defined transmitters / cells. Then the next transmitter / cell will be added to the network if a min. cell area is additionally provided by this transmitter, and so on until all user defined thresholds are achieved.

The current performance of the network is displayed online during the optimization process, as depicted in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Optimization chart.

After the simulation, the required transmitters / cells will be enabled - all others, which are not required will be disabled. This optimized configuration can be saved and used in ProMan afterwards.