Altair® Monarch® Server


Specifying Model Settings for a Project File

When you specify model settings for a project, you select the model you want to assign to it, and specify any desired verification settings.

To specify model settings for a project

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Automator  > Standard Processes and select Project Editor.

  2. On the Model and Verifications tab, click the Browse button next to the Location field, to select the desired model.

  3. In the displayed window, select the data source type from the following: Local, Named Paths, Web, or Server Library.

  4. Depending on the data source type specify other parameters:

    • Local: Specify project location and path to it.

    • Named Paths: Select the appropriate named path and select the project file path from the list of displayed in the Named Path Content box.

    • Web: Specify project location.

    • Server Library: Select server library type and select the server library from the list of displayed in the Available Server Library box.

Note: Model files in compressed archive format (e.g., zip and gzip) can be used and specified in the Project Editor.

  1. If you want to specify verification settings for report inputs, select the desired options under the Model Verifications heading.

Note: Verification is not available for database inputs. See Verifying Projects for additional information.

  1. To save or download created project file, click the corresponding button or continue specifying other project settings if necessary.

Note: When saving a project file provide a comment in the displayed window and click Commit. The Server Library Project page is displayed, where you can edit project file name, revision and access rights if necessary.

The next step in creating a project is to specify input settings for it.